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Goal Clarity/Resume & Interview Skills/Navigating Office Dynamics/Work/life balance, Money Management/ Managing self and others/ Breaking Through Barriers

Graduate Skills development

Increasingly employers are looking for a broad range of skills and experience from their graduate employees. Our Graduate Skills Programme (GSP) will help to develop the skills needed to succeed  and market candidates effectively to potential employers.


Our GSP focuses on:

  • Work-Related Learning

  • Career Opportunities/planning

  • Career Transitions

  • Academic Skills

  • Extra-Curricular

Enterprise and Employability

We believe that enterprise in education is an approach to, and a context for, learning that promotes good teaching practice and makes connections with the world of work.

  • provide opportunities for individuals to think and act in enterprising ways

  • provide a clear focus on core and employability skills, and the ability to transfer these to different contexts, in particular, the world of work

  • provide opportunities for work related experiences and adopt enterprising learning

  • promote positive attitudes

  • provide opportunities for students to develop skills such as problem solving, decision making and evaluating risks

  • provide entrepreneurial experiences

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