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Colleges/Training providers

Building community/developing human capital/address skill gaps/enhanced economic competence

We offer capacity building services to educators in all fields including start-ups and established institutions. We focus on developing skills needed by a range of front-line staff and management in colleges, training centres, such as centre administrative, quality systems, regulatory body audits and approvals, supporting learners, carrying out administration and strategic approach thereby helping them to maintain a safe and welcoming centre.

We have a highly-qualified team who are committed and bring together a mix of expertise across industries, academic roles, and subject disciplines. They have a successful track record of providing custom solutions to institutions across the world. We have assisted institutions across UK , Europe, Middle East and Asia. Due to our diverse experience across different countries, cultures and education frameworks, we aim to build capacity and result in a fully sustainable solution, based on international best practice.

Capacity building/Quality Assurance

Qualification Development

ISO Certification consultancy

Our services include:

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Capacity building/Quality Assurance

  • Quality Assurance Consultancy

  • Institutional Capacity building as per relevant Accreditation Standards and Awarding body Approvals

  • Institutional and Quality Assurance reviews and audits

  • Institutional capacity building and setting up QA systems

  • Capacity building through training and workshops

  • Address management development needs

  • Curriculum development and teacher training

Qualification Development

  • Development of qualifications and training programmes based on employer needs and labour market demand

  • Developing qualifications based on the National Framework

ISO Certification consultancy

  • Preparing institution for ISO certification

  • OurIRCA qualified and experienced Consultants can assist and provide the services you require in a professional and timely manner to achieve ISO certification

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